Zone out of Reality with Magic Potion’s ‘Cola Boyys’

The latest track from Magic Potion starts with a bigger burst of energy than is customary for the Swedish four-piece, but fear not; it soon settles into their trademark laid back pace. All milkshakes and skateboards and sunny guitar fuzz, ‘Cola Boyys’ is a slack-pop godsend for bored teenagers who want to tune in to some noise and zone out of reality.

Who exactly are these Cola Boyys that scare Magic Potion into skipping town? Who knows? Who cares? Even when their lyrics contain an ambiguous threat, the soothing sweetness of Gustaf Montelius’s vocals wipes away any sense of worries, leaving only a hazy warmth as the song meanders to a close. 

Cola Boyys is taken from Magic Potion’s upcoming debut LP ‘Pink Gum’, preorder on vinyl here and cassette here.

Eve Brady

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