Lance Bangs Celebrate 4/20 with New Single

Hailing from the metropolis of Richmond, Virginia, Lance Bangs have dreamt up an unrestrained and powerful new sound in their first single. 

From the outset the roughly recorded sound bite prepares you for an optimistic track. The distinctively nasal-sounding vocals teamed with lyrics that almost burst with sarcastic rhetoric provide the track with a much needed sense of playfulness, almost a hint of rebellion. Which provides the contrastive layer to the strong, guitar driven melody, giving the single more depth and narrowly missing being labelled as garage rock. In fact I’d go as far as saying this single provides anyone suffering from a damaged ego a helpful boost. I mean honestly, no lines scream out more of a ‘fuck you’ mentality than, “…When you tried to break my heart, but I only got a sprain, remember?” 

Since forming as a summer project Lance Bangs (formally Collin Thibodeauxx – nope, I don’t have a clue how to pronounce his last name either) have gained notoriety from playing dynamic sets at house shows across their locality. With their new single out 4/20, they seem set to carve out their own place among Richmond’s emerging artists.

Lauren Parsons


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