Gorgeous Bully – Beaucoup

The first release from the split 7″, Gorgeous Bully‘s track Beaucoup, is three-and-a-half minutes of pure lo-fi pop at its most trashy and thrashy best; with hints to a changing sound from the band, who are becoming known for their frequent writing and releasing of new material.

Starting with the strums of a soft reverb fuelled guitar, the song soon pushes into heavy layers of chorus and twinkling drums – all the while oozing with dreamy sounds that hint at days spent wandering in the sunshine. Beneath the foggy vocals that soothingly hum in harmony with the soft guitars, percussion thrashes around with a sleepy ease. “It’s a year, it’s a day … let it all just wash away” accompanies repeatedly churning guitars, suggesting that Beaucoup is a song about not sticking to the mundanities and the waste of everyday existence – breaking free from the repetition found both within the daily routine, and the steady flow of the track itself.

Gorgeous Bully / Something Anorak’s four track split 7″ is out on 27 May via Art Is Hard.

Olive Richardson

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