FIR – ‘Summer Wasn’t There / Winter Doesn’t Care’

Alternative pop supergroup FIR announce their debut release – Summer Wasn’t There / Winter Doesn’t Care 7″ – merging the songwriting of Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks), Matt Piucci (Rain Parade), warm organs from Rob Campanella (The Quarter After/The Brian Jonestown Massacre), and the sweet harmonies of Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson Band), alongside the vocals of the Allah-Las.

The first track released – Summer Wasn’t There – is a drop of summer at its hottest and brightest, drawing you to memories of warm journeys spent squinting into the sun. With twangy fuzzed up guitars laced together with clear warm drums and an unforgettable lead riff, FIR show bring the natural confidence of the likes of The Magic Gang. Though it is the tender vocals, lifted by an array of cool harmonies cooing “ooh”s and “ah”s and lovey dovey lyrics like “saw the sunlight in her hair, but the summer wasn’t there”, that bring the romance to this midsummer melody. As the song drops into a steady unwind, and the drums tick through a whining guitar sound, “Do you love me surfer girl?” is whispered with devotion, and waves of Beach Boys-esque pure sunshine can’t help but make you anticipate the summer.

FIR’s debut release is out  on 5 May via Bad Paintings.

Olive Ricahrdson

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