Spotlight: Virgin Kids

It’s been over a month since London garage punks Virgin Kids brought us their debut album Greasewheel, a filthy scuzz-fest released on Burger and Fluffer Records. Since then they’ve been gigging all over the place, delivering doses of their manic energy to venues everywhere from Brighton to Glasgow, and more recently a support slot with POND favourites The Big Moon. 

Standout track from their LP Cracks In A Colour veers from lethargic verses to a high speed frenzy of a chorus,  capturing a similar mix of stoned, so-what attitude and demonic punk as FIDLAR. It’s hard to know what to expect from their LP; it chops and changes from sinister whoops and cackles in thrashing punk track My Alone to the astral instrumental interlude Shrink Wrap. Album closer Be Your Friend also stands out from the rest, a lively surf rock tune that benefits from the slightly cleaner vocals admitting I tried to be a vegan but I love eating cheese.

Grab tickets for their remaining shows here.

Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson

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