Carefree Slacker Harley Alexander Shares Gold Shirt B-sides

The Universal Lover’s Harley Alexander has once again blessed us in the form of a compilation entitled B-Sides. The cluster of songs which Alexander describes as; experiments, demos and procrastination – were recorded along Halifax’s beachy coast. B-Sides grants us choppy snippets into Alexander’s life, much like a beautiful yet intricately abstract diary. He’s already drawn comparisons to fellow Canadian Mac DeMarco, both who are illustrious for their timeless surfer aura. 

B-Sides is a carefree slacker pop compilation, flushed in Alexander’s vision. It’s a struggle to listen to B-Sides and not fall into a quixotic world centred on a tropical island (although in the real world most of us are more likely to be sat on a windy beach caked in bird shit). Talking about Halifax its obvious to see where Alexander draws his charming tones from, as he says; ‘It’s very beautiful here. The ocean and the mountains and the big trees are all around me, the air is very clean too.’

Alexander revealed that he ‘hopes the songs can help you out in some way or add some energy into your life.’ He went on to add;  ‘After Gold Shirt, my happiness-inspired creativity dried up a little bit and so I was left to embrace the sad-side some more. In a lot of ways, these songs represent a search for balance in a confused emotional space. They don’t fit together really, weren’t intended to at least, but it didn’t feel right hiding them away either. So here they are, left to wander the internet until they’ve found their new ear homes.’

Harley is presently ‘planting trees’ and ‘saving money’, in the hope of spreading his music to the eagle winged tips of The States.

Harley Alexander & The Universal Lovers’ self-recorded Gold Shirt is out now.

Lauren Shute

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