Beach Skulls Do It All over Again with Baby’s A Liar

Garage rock is definitely Beach Skulls‘ forte. After the Liverpool act delivered a delightfully vibrant track full of melodic, catchy riffs under the title Santa Fe, they’ve done it all over again on ‘Baby’s A Liar’, a psych-pop full song that is considerably more laid back but still as enjoyable to listen to. Although the vocals are near enough non existent at times, this leads to even more focus being put on the beautiful instrumentals that evoke the same refreshing nature that The Black Keys did at the start of the noughties. While Dreamin Blue is their best piece of work so far and there’s a slight lack of variety in sound when taking into consideration both Dreamin Blue and Santa Fe, Beach Skulls certainly aren’t a band to laugh off anytime soon.

Beach Skulls’ debut album Slow Grind is out 29 April via PNKSLM Recordings.

Liam Menzies

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