Yet Another Triumph for Black Honey with ‘All My Pride’

In 2014 Black Honey did not quite achieve the admittedly formidable task of transferring their monstrous live intensity onto record with their self-titled debut EP. However since then they’ve hurdled that obstacle with ease via a series of flawless singles, culminating in the instant anthem ‘Corrine.

Following such an impressive back catalogue meant a heavy weight of expectation hung over ‘All My Pride’, the first glimpse of upcoming EP Headspin– a weight immediately dispelled at the first thrashing chord. Frontwoman Izzy B Phillips’ vocals dominate the verses over a throb of bass, she’s a hugely commanding presence- even when singing about betrayal and humiliation she is never anything but enthrallingly powerful. A blazing chorus of “All my scars will heal in time, now he’s gone with all my pride” , an ever forceful rhythm section, the odd tremor of their trademark spaghetti western guitars; ‘All My Pride’ is a mission statement, a smack around the face and a guarantee that their new material will continue to impress. 

Eve Brady

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