Spotlight: Teen Brains

Norwich four-piece Teen Brains are a band that have done things the old fashioned way, gradually gaining fans and press attention from extensive gigging and high profile support slots for the likes of Peace and Menace Beach. Their first release Annabel was given a fresh re imagining for their self-titled  debut EP released on Chud Records, maintaining the catchy pop vocals crooning “I wanna be in the driving seat/Down to the sea right down to the sea” but counteracted with more crackly distortion than the original. ‘Drenched also highlights their balance of contrasts; a resigned sigh of “There’s nothing else to do round here”  is followed by a carefree chorus of “ooh”s. 

There’s a definite glow of sun-soaked surf rock in their reverberating, spiralling riffs and stoned vocals but with an undercurrent of shoegaze melancholy; they’ve promised a new EP is in the pipeline, making them definite candidates for ones to keep an eye on this year. 

Stream their self-titled EP here.

Purchase on limited edition cassette here.

Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson

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