Getting up Close and Personal with The Orielles

After their blissful set at Flying Vinyl festival, we squeezed into The Orielles’ tour van- or rather a fairly small tour car- for a chat about being on tour, desert island dips and David Cameron.
How long have you guys been on tour?

Sid: We’ve been on tour now for pretty much two weeks but it’s been spread out.

Esme: We started in Manchester two Saturdays ago.


How’s it been so far in the back of this van?

Sid: Yeah it’s been good. It’s been a bit of a squeeze, you haven’t seen it with the gear in yet.

Henry: You should see it with full kit, we had to squeeze four people and it was just numb legs for the entire journey.


What’s been the best show so far?

Henry: Bristol- no, Manchester!

Esme: Bristol was sick because we’ve never played there before and the crowd were decent.

Henry: And Big Jeff came up! The Big Jeff Johns! He tweeted us and we were like “Yo come to our show” and he came.


What’s been the worst show you’ve ever played in your whole career?

Esme: I don’t wanna name and sha-

Henry: Widnes.

Esme: Oh he just named it. It was a show we played once and the stage was as big as it was today but with like three people in the crowd and cats ran across the stage.

Henry: While we were soundchecking there were cats running everywhere.

Esme: It was fucking weird.

the orielles

[Disclaimer: This question was asked at the request of the band] If you were gonna be stranded on a desert island, what dip would you take with you?

Henry: Personally I would take a lifetime’s supply of guacamole.

Esme: Hummus cos I could have hummus every day for the rest of my life.

Sid: I’ll say tzatziki then.


You’ve got a new EP out with Art Is Hard, what’s the story behind the name ’Jobin’?

Esme: That’s a quote from ‘I Love You Man’, a film with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, two of our favourite actors.

Henry: They’re trying to make up nicknames for each other, on the second ‘man-date’ and Paul Rudd just goes “See you later, Jobin’. So we thought, let’s call a song that.

Is it ever weird being in a band when you’re (Sid and Esme) siblings?

Sid: We’re so close to be honest, it’s never been weird at all. We’re literally best friends.

Henry: It works really well cos we’re on the same level, especially Sid and Es. We can be jamming something and they’ll do exactly the same bit in the song and it just helps write songs faster.


Who does what in the songwriting?

Henry: It’s like a collective thing.

Esme: We do it all together really, like it always starts with a guitar riff or a bassline then from there we all work on it.

Henry: We jam it round for like fifteen minutes in the practice room until we figure out a verse and a chorus and then we just take it from there.


Is there any artist you’re really influenced by?

Esme: It’s kind of a mix of everything really.

Sid: As you can see by our CD collection.

Henry: Reggae Classics! Our influences stem from early Pixies and Beach Boys cos of that surfy mix.

Esme: But right now though we all listen to funk and soul music.

Henry: I’m personally really into 90s East Coast rap which is kind of weird cos that doesn’t really influence me but that’s what I’m into.

Esme: I think it’s good that we listen to music that’s not like what we play, I think I’d get bored if we were constantly listening to stuff that was like us.

Henry: You wanna keep it pretty fresh- so disco and 70s and 2000s R&B.


So say you’re headlining a festival, who are your other two acts you want headlining with you?

Esme: Sister Sledge.

Henry: Sister Sledge and Chic, and then Sonic Youth, Pavement, Pixies-

Sid: That’s too many. Why don’t we have Sonic Youth and Chic.

Henry: True, I really wanna meet Nile Rodgers.


Music or sex?

Henry: Oh no…music.

Esme: Music, we’re in a band so we’re gonna have to say that.


Would you have sex with David Cameron if it meant you’d become the biggest band in the world?

Esme: No.

Henry: Not in a million years.

Sid: No way!

Henry: There’s nothing that any of us would do to David Cameron to get fame. We don’t even want fame anyway we just want people to like our music.

Esme: And we don’t like David Cameron.

Henry: David Cameron’s a fucking cunt.


He might resign soon, there’s all these protests going on today.

Henry: Good! Shall we join them? Bring the rest of the Asahi beers and just live it up.

Review: Eve Brady

Photos: Brook Johnson


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