Spotlight: Velcro Team

Our pals over at Fresh Juice first switched us on to Velcro Team (a genderqueer Philadelphia-based artist making electronic bedroom pop tunes) by featuring their track House on the Fresh Juice Compilation Vo. 1 cassette. A laid back electropop tune that could be the theme music for a Nintendo game were it not for the super-lo-fi vocals that give it an almost oppressively intimate feel- think Diet Cig or Frankie Cosmos’ earlier recordings.

Velcro Team is a perfect demonstration of how Bandcamp has liberated solo artists, giving total creative freedom and the option to share with the world. As with all prolific artists on the site there’s a lot of material to sift through (maybe give the Front Bottoms cover a miss), but amongst the highlights there’s a quietly powerful songwriter turning angst, doubt and heartache into “25 cent candy tunes”. Their first release I Don’t Shower Anymore is a tiny, mournful track, seeming to tell a whole lifetime’s story without breaking the 2 minute mark. Over a simple keyboard refrain, lyrics such as “You’re a failure/You’re a liar/You’re a fuck up and a freak” are sometimes exactly what you need to hear when you’re lying awake at 2am and need to know someone out there felt as shitty as you do. 

POND have been lucky enough to have an early listen of material from their forthcoming EP and if the jarringly beautiful ‘Pronounology’ and touching, bittersweet ‘Kurdistan’ with its dark, heavy synths are anything to go by, Velcro Team is only going to get better. 

By Eve Brady

Artwork by Sam Bryson

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