Pop Power in MORI’s New EP

Hailing from Brooklyn, four piece indie pop outfit MORI are the culmination of Mori Einsidler’s long term musical project. Their recently released sophomore EP ‘Better For You’ is a four-track heartbreak soundtrack, an all-American road trip through love, betrayal, despair and nostalgia.

It kicks off with lead single ‘Do You Wanna Hurt Me’, crammed full of vocal hooks and earworm riffs from lead guitarist Jake Goldin. ‘All Along’ is an explosive breakup power ballad, after a soft intro it breaks into a vast, celestial burst of noise. Einsidler’s delivery of “But she was in your bedroom all along” is superb, huge and forceful but weighed down by heartbreak. The title track is an echoing, expansive realisation that sees Einsidler admitting “I’ll always be better for you than you are for me”. It takes until the EP’s gentle closing track for the cleverness of the track sequence to become clear; in ‘Hold On’ a sort of acceptance is finally reached after three tracks of anger and hurt. 

Indie pop power ballads to give Kelly Clarkson a run for her money. Listen here.

Eve Brady

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