Modern Riot Grrrls Peach Club’s Debut EP

After a few lineup changes and months of being a sort-of-band, Norwich band Peach Club have finally arrived. Self-professed riot grrrls, their debut EP undoubtedly owes a lot to pioneers of the movement Bikini Kill; it’s heavy on distortion and low on fucks given. From the celebration of and solidarity between girls in ‘My Best Friend’ to confident ownership of female sexuality (“Baby will you fuck me?”) in Equivocator, Peach Club aren’t just making noise, though they do a lot of that too. They’re daring to make feminist music with a message- namely sit down, shut up and listen to what girls have to say. In the alternative music scene, infamous for its male domination and habit of demeaning its women, young girls making fighting, fucking, fists in the air punk rock is an act of rebellion in itself. Following their single ‘Not Your Girl’, this is only their second release, but it shows promise of something that could become really exciting; a truly 21st century feminist punk band. 

Listen to The Bitch Diaries EP here

Eve Brady

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