meals Hit Back With “Running Out (Fruitless)”

meals are an up-and-coming 3-piece situated in Torbay, Devon, whose discography to date has comprised of just one self-released track, entitled Dig You Up. Upon the unveiling of their second single: Running Out (Fruitless), the band has proven to demonstrate a surge of musical promise, encompassing a sound that is not only unashamedly rocky but loaded with experimental reverb and fuzz. Elemental inspiration appears to hail from a compound of the likes of Nai Harvest and The Magic Gang, both of whom have prominently transpired onto the independent scene after having previously released music online, accumulating in a succession of recent UK tours. Running Out (Fruitless) emits a similar potential. A pronounced sense of youth especially stands out, bound up between layers of ragged guitar droning and gruff, raspy vocals. Whether or not this slightly grainy, enveloped composition is a means of covering their self-consciousness is another question, but with age comes evolution and we await with excitement the progression of meals’ musical catalogue.

By Leyla Ghaemi

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