Twin Peaks Burst Back onto the Scene with New Single “Butterfly”

Chaotic Chicago rockers Twin Peaks have burst back onto the scene with a new single ‘Butterfly’, which will be released from their upcoming album Down in Heaven. Down in Heaven will be released on the 13 May through Communion Records and will be the third album for the sloppy garage quintet. Formed in 2009 whilst still kids in high school, the band have metaphorically soared from peak to peak and are continuing to do so.

If you’re the judging a book by its cover kinda type – you will be amiably stunned when you plug into ‘Butterfly’. Whilst the title may elude serenity; ‘Butterfly’, in fact, might just be the all-embracing opposite. It’s no doubt disordered and messy, smashing baroque pop into a fresh blend with their characteristic garage rock sound (which is not unlike The Strokes.) ‘Butterfly’ is sodden with post-punk and splashed in vigorous twangs. Its catchy plunks are absorbing, and even veer on an uninhabited poppy side of the band. But fear not, this does not thwart Butterfly from oozing the pure raw fuzz that they are so noted for.

Their February release ‘Walk To The One You Love’, flaunted a groovier more eclectic lateral to the band. Both new singles undoubtedly validate the multiplicity of clatters that Twin Peaks are able to single-handedly manufacture. If we can anticipate Down in Heaven based on their releases so far, we can expect it to be bursting with creativity and an incorporate multitude of genres that all tie back to garage rock. Twin Peaks have strikingly managed to blanket such an array of new genres, whilst stay true to their original sound.

Speaking about ‘Butterfly’, Clay Frankle revealed that the song was written in Texas last year when he was in a sickened state after playing twelve or so shows in five days. He said; “The lyrics are a mixture of negativity and exhilaration. Exhilaration because I was doing what I most loved to do, and negativity because it was really taking a toll on my mind and body. Death was on the mind. Also sex. Also The Zombies (there were posters of them everywhere). So I took the gentle and fleeting image of a butterfly and a simple group of chords and lots of yelling to make a sort of doomy dance song that quite honestly could be summed up as “let’s have sex because we’re all going to die.”

Moving away from Frankle’s somewhat wonderfully macabre yet picturesque imagination, Twin Peaks have a lengthy tour ahead of them which will see them hit the UK. They’ve already sold out their show at The Barfly in Camden, so will also be playing The Old Blue Last on 18 April. Their other UK tour dates include:

Sheffield, Picture House – 15 April

Glasgow, Stereo House – 16 April

Manchester, Deaf Institute – 17 April

London, The Old Blue Last – 18 April

London, Camden Barfly – 19 April

By Lauren Shute


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