Spotlight: SHOPPING

SHOPPING are one of those bands that don’t make an explosion onto the scene but rather have been quietly but prolifically working away in the background; a half-discovered gem. Their 2013 debut album ‘Consumer Complaints‘ is an understated yet powerful mockery of modern consumer culture that makes the inexplicably popular pseudo-punks Slaves pale in comparison. Theirs is the kind of spiky, angular post punk that creates unease- the climactic ending of album track ‘Get Going’ sets the heart racing with its hellish build up- yet their spidery riffs and driving rhythm section can just as easily be playful and danceable as in their debut single ‘In Other Words’. 

Their second album ‘Why Choose’ (released October last year on Fatcat Records) picks up a step ahead from where they left off. There’s still the trademark post punk guitar jitter and moody basslines, but their sophomore LP expands on their sound while maintaining the claustrophobic intensity of their debut. Stand out track ‘Straight Lines’ sees drummer Andrew Milk let fast-paced, monotone vocals slip out, reminiscent of ‘Blue Lines’ by seminal Bristol trip hop group Massive Attack, cut through with guitarist Rachel Aggs’ razor sharp. 

SHOPPING are the UK’s answer to Ought- energetic, anxious post punk.


Eve Brady

Design by Sam Bryson





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