Delve into Tin Foil Astronaut’s ‘Never Too Soon’

In a small bedroom in Kent, Max Taylor had pretty big ideas for the future of his recording project that started in that very space. Tin Foil Astronaut was born in Taylor’s bedroom, as a way of escaping the monotonous parts of every day life. Despite Taylor’s intentions for the project to sound like ‘a soundtrack for a western movie,’ he says his songs, ‘quickly became much more than that’ – urging him to play them with a band. Fast forward and Tin Foil Astronaut are now preparing for Never Too Soon’s limited edition cassette release and download through Margate’s Sexx Tapes.

Consequently, Taylor called on childhood friends in the anticipation of putting his recording project into motion. All sharing an infatuation of Doo Wop symphonies and Pink Floyd echoes; Tin Foil Astronaut have indisputably flourished into a fully fledged collective – whittling eluding floaty psyche pop. Never Too Soon is artfully constructed into both a simultaneously blue, yet inspirited record. The swirl of drawling whirrs and upbeat synthesizers pull you into a murky cloud, as quickly as it yanks you out into a realm of aspiration complete with glistening synthpop guitars.

Never Too Soon is a hypnotic and aspirational tale, stressing Taylor’s impulse to break the shackles of a tedious existence. Talking about the origins of the song he revealed; ‘The idea for the song just popped into my head one evening. It was at a time when I was feeling stuck – and at a dead end. It is sad, but at the same time uplifting and hopeful.’ Encouraging them to make this record the group drew guidance from similar psyche pop acts Connan Mockasin and Mini Mansions, whom Tin Foil Astronaut supported last year.

Tin Foil Astronauts’ authentic songwriting and altering tones ensure that their music will continue to cultivate and magnetize recognition in months to come. Their distinctive knack of oscillating stormy emotions in just 3 minutes, draws on their whimsical talent of transfiguring feelings into an encapsulating sphere, that lures you into the disposition and mind of Max Taylor.

The band start their bustling UK tour in April and Never Too Soon is released Friday 25th March through Sexx Tape Records.

Lauren Shute

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