Hovvdy Return With Raw New Single

When we last left our tranquil Texas duo Hovvdy, they were providing a beautiful soft sound that picked up at times but for the most part screamed “summer bliss tune”.

And on recent single Meg it seems like that burst of energy had made the act’s music even more fatigued but not any less beautiful. In fact, the faint brushes of slow tempo drums and guitar perfectly match the oil canvas painting that adorns the artwork for this track.

The vocals here are just as great as ever, this time sounding like they were coming from a telephone a la The Front Bottoms. Whilst they may sound crackly, a stark contrast to the smooth instrumentals, it adds a level of raw beauty to them that hits home the message of Hovvdy being an act to keep your eyes, ears, nose and any other body parts on.

Liam Menzies

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