Premiere: Chest Pains’ Cigs & Sarnies Will Send You Into a Frenzy

This two minute twenty second track is a short burst of fuzzy fun from Leeds base band, Chest Pains. Released by the fresh out the oven record label, Healthy Eating Records, it’s a track that showcases the raw and rough round the edges talent that the booming music scene in Leeds can boast. It’s a track that wastes no time and gets right into the nitty gritty opening with a riff that’s full of life and an early howl that embodies the theme of discontent that pours out this accessible frenzy of a song. 

It’s also a song that effortlessly manages to do what a lot of bands fail at which is keeping a repetitive, pretty much unchanging melody from getting boring and monotonous. It didn’t need a bridge or a different chord progression thrown in to mix it up, the tune was so enticing and engaging on its own that it just worked. It’s a simple sounding track, and with a simple subject matter; it would have just sounded odd if it tried anything fancier. The lyrics have meaning: serving as another insight to working class struggles, but it’s presented in a way that advertises the group’s character.

This releases serves as a debut for the band and also the exciting label that’s keen to showcase what’s happening in Leeds. This energetic track will also feature in a compilation tape, to be released in the near future, that will also include other artists from the city that people should keep an eye out for.  

Domenic Edwards

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