Spotlight: Bo Rocha

It’s all well and good being a fan of lo-fi bands with baggy shirts and shoegazer bowl cuts (in fact here at POND we’re strong advocates of exactly that), but sometimes the eardrums crave something crystal clear to clean out all the reverb. Enter Bo Rocha, the classically trained London-based producer turned brooding electronic sorceress. First brought to our attention through Flying Vinyl‘s November issue which featured her AA single Tangerine Flake/Live Fast Or Die, Bo Rocha pours huge synths, literary references and hip-hop influence through a funnel of dark, Lana Del Rey style pop. 

Her debut EP Even Green is a four track dream sequence of sparse instrumentation, divine vocals and silky production. Balance is essential in electronic music; from the textured soundscape of synths and samples in the intro of Now More Again to the glittering, explosive pop chorus of Live Fast Or Die, her music is never lacking or overdone. Anyone who was too counter-culture to admit that Lorde’s Royals was a masterpiece can revel in Bo Rocha. 

Written by Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson

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