Greetings From Holiday Home

Holiday Home, self described as a duo of ‘sun-kissed slacker pop’ threw their EP Greetings From onto the sites of the internet in late 2015. The results, a more than impressed audience (and a groovy piece of artwork). Members Harry Willicombe and Tim Stamper are men of many projects, with them both being apart of the band Mirror Gorillas. 

Soft spoken vocals mixed with relaxing melodies on tracks such as Clueless make for the desired pop resonance that causes a hubbub amongst those into the new music scene.

The EP shortlist consists of five tracks including self titled; Holiday Home. A relatable couple minutes of music in the essence that I think we could all do with a nice holiday home or two, easier said than done.

This upbeat work of pop style magic makes for a blissful and easy listen. Greetings From is certainly a great start for Holiday Home whom look to be a fruitful new entry into the UK music scene. Impressive to say the least.

The EP is up on Bandcamp for the pocket change price of 70p, along with a cassette version of the EP courtesy of Z Tapes, set to release on the 18th of this month.

We had a natter with the pair late last year.

Will Jones


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