A Look Back at Mope City’s Letterbomb

Through the soft drone of a melancholy guitar, Letterbomb, the third single of LP Petri-Dish from Mope City, oozes a unique concoction of gloomy lo-fi and shoegaze, embracing a sense of bittersweetness that places the band ‘Mope City’ in the curious overlap between sombre pop and a mystical, fluid kind of indie rock. The Sydney-trio boast a soul-warming sound packed full of strange paradoxes; apathy, empathy, happiness and perfectly human sadness. Yet throughout there remains direction and careful control of all the surreal and distorted elements which go into creating such a masterful record like Letterbomb that somehow appears to tell us a relatable and beautifully real life story, ‘it will reach you one of these days’, making it an entirely enjoyable piece of music. Released through Tenth Court, a new independent record label from Brisbane, Australia. 

Georgina Quach

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