Spotlight: PRIMETIME

Gloriously chaotic London punks PRIMETIME have learned a lesson from hip hop/rap music that is sadly lacking in most guitar bands- that women singing about sex is great. If foul-mouthed musical icon Nicki Minaj spitting out “Eat my ass like a cupcake” isn’t quite your thing, perhaps PRIMETIME frontwoman Claudia yelling such playfully lewd lines as “The only time I want you to tie me down is in bed” and “Let me spit into your face” will be. ‘Tied Down’, the second track from their self-titled EP released on underground label La Vida Es Un Mus is a bratty, cacophonous mission statement, subverting the traditional gender narrative of pop songs with its assured ownership of sexuality.

Low, guttural power chords, chatty streams of consciousness- best shown in the near conversational back and forth vocals of  opening track ‘Last Night’- and their abrasive, upfront attitude are a world away from  the insipid imitations that often masquerade as punk. Their vocalist might be in Australia currently, putting live shows on hold for the time being, but they’ve a new EP coming soon and going by their first release, they’ve got a hell of a lot more noise to make. More please.

Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson

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