The Orielles – Jobin

The latest track from The Orielles shows the Halifax trio moving effortlessly from strength to strength, from their humble beginnings learning to play on the job to a band very much in the public eye. Following a series of infectious singles (most notably the sarcastic, ballsy ‘Joey Says We Got It‘), ‘Jobin’ is the first track from their recently announced EP of the same name, a ray of woozy, lucid surf rock that refracts out in all directions, bathing in a glow of warm bass and shimmery guitar riffs.

The Orielles commandeer that quality of familiarity that is impossible to fake, feeling faintly reminiscent of those kids you once smoked weed with at the bottom of the garden at a house party. Behind the tight instrumentation there runs that irresistible blend of carefree youth and glowering exclusivity that strips away the ambiguity of lyrics like “You’re thinking way too fast/A system that’ll never last”. Give into it and slow down to whatever speed The Orielles are moving at, because honestly it looks like they’ve got it figured out. 

Eve Brady


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