Monkier of Melbourne: Candy Return with ‘Azure’ Album

At the best of times great albums and artists don’t necessarily have to talk about their lives but instead present their music as a canvas for you to project your life onto. Candy have released their first album for nearly two years and the jittery and dark indie of ‘Azure’ does exactly this.

Candy is the moniker of Melbourne native Callum Newton, whose bedroom pop sketches have been rolling out on Bandcamp for the past few years. Amongst a thick interweaving of nocturnal guitar melodies, there are some very affecting short but sour stories on his latest record ‘Azure’. After only a few tracks you quickly find yourself swimming in the songs and creating your own stories. The stirring ‘Comfortable’ – a NYC post-punk infused strike to the heart – challenges the relationships of young people to their friends. Questioning how we grow apart from lovers and friends, Callum may be talking about his own changes that he’s been through, but the darkness that lingers really speaks to our own issues with a lover who “we see each other every day, we don’t hang out as we’d like to, we just don’t have anyone else…”.

Where ‘Azure’ and Candy excels is the composition and drive of the tracks. Every track is tremendously well put together, neat and feisty. The directness of the bass and drum layers fight the dead pan vocals of Callum Newton. The contagious ‘Chapel Street’ and ‘Good Time’ waste little time and jump straight into their hooks. Taking note from 80s synth-pop like the Human League and Prefab Sprout, nostalgia rings in your ears as Newton moans “I’m just looking for a good time…”. Away from it’s brighter moments, you can hear the echoes of more recent indie staples like Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing. It’s here that Candy’s tone offers a sad burst jangle pop. As I said at the beginning, it’s really how sad you feel that dictates the sadness of the “street lights in the suburbs…a faint whisper on the wind”. A winding walk in the dark that leads you somewhere unexpected, something to get you through the rest of these Winter nights.

New album ‘Azure’ is out on the brilliant Z-Tapes this week, alongside the digital release will be a limited edition run of 70 cassette tapes.

Theo Lloyd-Hughes

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