Camp Howard Share New Single ‘Veins’

Making some comparison to the word ‘veins’ and how a fanbase is an artist’s most important one is as easy as telling a joke about Coldplay or how white the Brits are. No, a cliché won’t start this review, rather the praising of Camp Howard’s single for their upcoming self titled debut, one that seems to be taking a calm approach in contrast to their reputation for having high octane, fun gigs.

Grimy guitars accompany you through ‘Veins’, a track that sounds retrospective through both the lyrics and the tranquil sound. Isolation seems to be a theme of the song for the first half before the vocal delivery becomes washed out, hovering around while the bashing of drums commences. It all ends with a rather out of place albeit upbeat set of Mac DeMarco-twinged guitars that leave you feeling that the song itself is either inconsistent or just unpredictable.

Maybe that’s the appeal of Camp Howard’s debut album and if so, March 11th may be worth jotting down in your diary.

Liam Menzies

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