Spotlight: Oscar

Though not strictly a newcomer, here at POND we fell in love with solo melody maker Oscar upon the release of his 2015 Beautiful Words EP and haven’t stopped swooning since. Not many artists can pull together styles so diverse without sounding a nondescript mess; it’s a mark of his songwriting ability that he manages to stamp his own brand onto this eclectic array. While it’s wonderful that anyone with a laptop and a SoundCloud profile can release music to the masses nowadays, it does make it all the harder to find flair and interest amongst the criminally untalented. Oscar brings big, silver screen production and a sense of maturity (perhaps aided by his velvety baritone) together with the homegrown fun and charming shyness of bedroom pop artists. 

He seeks out the best from a variety of influences like a beady-eyed magpie on the hunt for musical gold, making ‘Cut and Paste’ a fitting title for his forthcoming debut album- set for release on 13th May via Wichita Recordings. From what we’ve heard so far- the bold, soulful pop of ‘Sometimes’, the Blur-esque swagger of ‘Breaking My Phone’ and ‘Daffodil Days’ pretty charm, his is deservedly set to be one of this year’s big releases. Beautiful man, beautiful words- what’s not to love?

Cut and Paste is available for purchase here and certain tracks can be streamed here

Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson



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