Venetian Snares’ ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music’ LP is Glitchy, Chaotic Joy

It is unlikely that anything Venetian Snares (Aaron Funk) has ever released could be labelled as traditional; even in the highly experimental realm of IDM , he has gained a reputation for wild and diverse experimentation. In 2003, Funk created ‘Nymphomatriach’, a concept album created purely from samples of him and his girlfriend having sex. In 2006, he released the still seminal breackcore album ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született’ which meshed aggressive drill and bass drums with ominous classical string music, and back in 2014 he spontaneously released ‘Thank You for Your Consideration’ as a way of thanking dedicated fans for their donations to him during a period of his personal economic struggle. ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music’ signals a return to Funk’s well-known hectic yet melodic electronic intensity, while also again presenting his impressive ability to make diverse and original music. 

Utilising only a towering modular synthesizer, and without any overdubbing or editing, Funk has managed to spew forth 12 tracks of glitchy, melodious joy. Every track on this release develops in an unpredictable and chaotic fashion, yet the end results are often quite cohesive wholes formed by layers of different sounds overlapping and interupting one another. ‘You and Shayna VI’ and ‘Slightly Bent Fork Tong V2’ are formed by gentler, smoother almost ambient bases being overwhelmed by aggressive sequencing of drums, breaks and strange synth wailings. ‘Health Card10′ and ‘Anxattack Boss Level19 v3′ are similarly filled with sharp and warped tones, while the beautiful album opener ‘Dreamt Person’ and ‘Magnificent Stumble’ succeed in generating a cold, but overwhelming, spaced-out environment of disorientation. ‘Everything About You Is Special’ is a perfect example of Funk’s ability to combine the distant and abrasive robot-like nature of IDM and the powerful glowing warmth of his synthesizer orchestration.

Traditional Synthesizer Music is a complex  album which showcases Funk’s ability to create ferocious and evolving electronic music, which is simultaneously deeply engaging and highly confusing, without being too abrasive or morbid (an issue for some his earlier work.) Hopefully this release is the first of many well-crafted and intricate projects which Funk has always been capable of creating.

Stream and purchase Traditional Synthesizer Music here

Dante Philp

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