Car Seat Headrest’s Intense New Single ‘Vincent’ Combines Anxiety and Aggression

Will Toledo’s music has always been emotionally direct and intense, using a range of drawn out neo-psych melodies and intense, punky sounds as a foundation for his melancholic, introspective vocals. Toledo has been creating music under Car Seat Headrest since 2010 and released 11 albums on bandcamp before being picked up by Matador Records in 2015. Following the release of the acclaimed and beautiful ‘Teens of Style’ in October, Toledo and his West coast band have been touring Europe and the US. 

The band’s latest single ‘Vincent’, follows the distinct and original style which Car Seat Headrest has always adopted; gloomy and anxious lyrics are both wailed and gently spoken out powerfully over sharp, fast and loud guitar riffs and aggressive, rhythmic drumming. The video, directed by Quinn George, released alongside this great new single is equally as dark and intense; a man drinks and dances himself into a drunken stupor of wildness and embarrassment, hidden and isolated amongst faceless party-goers.

Car Seat Headrest’s latest project, ‘Teens of Denial’, has been announced for this spring.

Watch the video for Vincent here

Dante Philp


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