Twin Peaks Share ‘Walk To The One You Love’ Single

Twin Peaks, the Chicago based garage band, have teased their ever growing fan base with the announcement of their third album ‘Down In Heaven’. A follow up to their ‘wildly’ successful ‘Wild Onion’ release back in 2014. The album is set to drop sometimes in mid May of 2016. However with this exclusive announcement came a snippet of what’s to come with the release of the albums first single ‘Walk To The One You Love’. 

With a hint of American vibes, this upbeat set filler includes a mix of soft spoken vocals rising into light shouts down the microphone from frontman Caiden James to intertwine with its countryside guitar riffs. It’s sure to get the five-man band’s crowds moving throughout.

‘Walk To The One You Love’ is a good sign of what’s to come from a band not afraid to stretch their iconic sounds boundaries. They’re certainly built up a reputation for delivering the goods when it comes to new releases, therefore we’ve asked and we shall most likely receive.

With thirteen tracks set to be released on the album, the USA may be the first to get a sneak peek with their tour starting late this month. However, UK venues have been booked up by the band in Sheffield, Manchester, London and Glasgow, all scheduled for the month of April.

With an album released timed so perfectly, who’s to say we might not see Twin Peaks showing off their style at a UK festival or two this year. Only time will tell.

Will Jones

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