Under the Radar 2016

Everyone seems to be doing this at the moment from DIY to the BBC, like some shuddy YTO Facebook status, I’m gonna give it a shot. Here’s my top 5 Under the Radar acts to watch out for 2016. 

Moses Gunn Collective 

10551488_10152777200406793_9216446554299605522_o (1)

With their slick psychy sounds this gang are fetching something very admirable. You’ll fall in love with ‘Hole In The Wall’ and you’ll be playing it on repeat for weeks. Sadly they live Down Under so won’t be seeing much of them quite yet on the UK scene. Broadly speaking, they are currently working quite the charm amongst music fans, it can’t be too long till we are blessed with their presence on our shores.

Husband Material 


A small bedroom project, blossomed by real actual love. Husband Material are indefinitely the sweetest band hitting town at the minute. Their music, the scene is completely quenched for, it’s mainly getting homage in the US – 80s synths, funk beats. For me, I’m a hardcore Patrice Rushen and Melba Moore fan, I’m really excited. The band join credible ‘All We Are’ on bringing back the 80s to our scene.

Girl Ray


Arguably following a similar direction to that of The Big Moon, Girl Ray are absolutely cracking it. In their song ‘Ghostly’ they sing ‘if you’re down in dumps, call me up we’ll play top trumps’ – I tell ya pal, there’s something about daft humour nowadays. The band carry a warm and humble sound and really give you something to nod your head to, they’re doing a lot of things right.

Harley Alexander


Mac DeMarco fan? You are already listening to Alex Calder, you’ve discovered Homeshake, you’re aware of Yuko Yuko – maybe not all of us. You may categorise these artists because they share similar sounds, you may fall in love with each one but you may also not be able to get to grasps with all of them. Hey! They are all pretty similar. Then we got some guy called Harley Alexander, he’s that person that comes along and kicks all these similar sounding butts out the way. This guy is owning it, he’s really shaped his sound smooth and silky, tasty. Eat it up.

Yumi Zouma


80s eqsue, elevator dream pop that just works. These lovelies have been about for some time and haven’t quite broken into the UK scene yet. They may just go on my list every year because ya’know, it just seems deserved. Another band from Down Under, they have come over here a couple of times, sadly only hitting London. Will Yumi Zouma make their mark in 2016? POND readers, let’s make the demand, I want to see petitions.


The Magic Gang

Breakfast Muff




Charlotte Mandell

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