Interview: Get to Know Corner Shop Pop

One of the UK’s most promising new labels Corner Shop Pop. 

Explain the origin of Corner Shop Pop.

Corner Shop Pop has been in the foetal position in my mind for the past two years and after a false start – we were going to release a sick band called Get Inuit a couple of years back – I was just waiting for the perfect band for it’s first release and it turned out to be Gang! I came up with the name Corner Shop Pop because it reminded me of growing up in a house where we’d always get the economy brand soft drinks from the supermarket. So it could have been the fizzy and dizzying heights of Waitrose own brand Cola or the flat and bitter taste of Happy Shopper Lemonade.

What would you title the story of Corner Shop Pop if it was adapted as a film?

Good question! Hmmm…you could have something like ‘FIZZ: The Story of Corner Shop Pop’ or ‘Thank You, Please Come Again: The CSPOP Legacy’ or maybe even ‘Corner Shop Pop: Behind Closed Doors’. That last one would do the trick. 

Got any gigs coming up?

Yes, actually! Corner Shop Pop’s first show will be the launch party for our AA-Side release with Gang at my favourite venue in the world, The Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate on the 23rd January. A sick new band called Dreamweaver will also be supporting.

Tell us about your debut release.

Our debut release, CSPOP001 is the AA-Side ‘Animalia/Breath Before Death’ from Brighton via Canterbury’s Gang and it will be released on 7″ vinyl on 15th January. To me, Gang are the best band in the world to work with because they have an attention to detail and work ethic that I look for in any band. They’re also dear friends of mine and I’m a little bit in love with them. Other people should fall in love with them too! 

What are your current favourite artists?

There are so many! Thanks to the Internet and my music obsession. So I’ll list a few that stand out off the top of my head…Ray Gun, Pet Cemetry, Fallow Deer, Big White, Corey Bowen, The Goon Sax, Courtney Barnett, Ouch My Face, Arbes, Our Girl, Bruising, Puppy, Menace Beach, Hookworms, Dilly Dally, Chastity Belt, G.L.O.S.S, Oscar, Fraser A. Gorman, INHEAVEN, Get Inuit, Fuoco….have you ever heard of this band called The Strokes? You should check them out too.

So, I have to ask you…what is your favourite soft drink?

That’s easy…I’m really partial to a Ginger Beer these days…

Owen Howard

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