Fat White Family Are Back With New Clusterfuck Single ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’

When a band gets compared to Charles Manson, one of the most infamous men of the 20th century, your interest peaks almost immediately. Fat White Family may not be nearly as twisted as the man they’re arguably musically synonymous with but their sound is quite abnormal yet pleasing, almost like the band’s name itself. 

‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ continues the tradition of the band’s clusterfuck of different styles in one song, getting fans hot in anticipation for their upcoming LP Songs For Our Mothers. Starting off with a riff that is classically Stone Roses, it becomes a toe tapping, feel good dance track that could have easily been crafted by Bowie himself during the 80’s.

Finishing off with barely audible, distorted vocals and a sound that can only be described as the screeching calmness of a wave, Fat White Family continue to be hard to pin down but at this rate no one will be wanting to stop the band crafting such quality tracks.

Liam Menzies


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